in an emergency

An emergency is any condition that would lead to substantial damage or additional damage to the home or property if not repaired immediately.

Examples include:

  • No power throughout the home
  • Plumbing leak that involves water damage and/or the potential to cause water damage to the interior components of the home
  • Roof/stucco/window leak
  • No heat throughout the home in cold weather
  • Any potentially hazardous condition

Unsure if your issue is an emergency?  The following are examples of items that do NOT qualify as emergencies:

  • Lack of air conditioning
  • Malfunctioning appliances
  • Window weep holes not draining
  • An electrical outlet not working
  • Gutters overflowing and water puddling in the yard during heavy rain
  • Doors that are hard to open and close


For non-emergency requests, please visit our service request page.


For emergency requests only:

  • Call the necessary trade using the subcontractor lists below. It is the sole responsibility of each individual subcontractor to field emergency requests.
  • Call Anderson Homes’ emergency line at 209.710.0189. This line will be answered between 4pm and 9pm Monday-Friday and from 8am-9pm Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Emergency Subcontractor List Hollister
  • Emergency Subcontractor List Los Banos

Please note: ALL emergency requests made by phone must be followed up with a request in writing here.